February 2019!!!
No longer keeping females here!!
No litters planned here at this time!!!
We are only keeping males and providing stud service to other breeders with approved females!!!
Stoneledge Out Of The Blue
Daniel & Blue : Our Young Handsome Stud Dogs
Daniel( center) & Blue to the right.
Stoneledge Out Of The Blue

🤩 Blue goes back to one of our 1st two golden boys named Bentley~~Trowsnest Bentley's EZ Ryde,OS CCA, CGC  later taken to our  Canadian ImportDylan (out of all European lineage). He exemplifies the type of Golden Retriever we are currently breeding here at Stoneledge.
See Blue's individual page to learn more about him.

Our pretty Whitney has been bred to Daniel!!!

     Spring Litter Planned: Our Danish Import Whitney: Gembaek This World Is Not Enoughhas been bred to our handsome homebred boy Daniel: Stoneledge Key To Triumph.

Litter expected March 31st, 2015 with Take Home date of latter part of MAY .


😘 Please e-mail me at
or call Louise @ 508-994-7948 for more information on these puppies & how to go about reserving one!!!
Puppies will be ready for their new homes latter part of May 2015!!!

Gembaek The World Is Not Enough Danish Import~~ from a pedigree filled with multi Champions!!
Blue is busy out on the AKC Show circuit!!!!!

STONELEDGE OUT OF THE BLUE:"BLUE" awaits his next show. He is everything we had hoped for in conformation, temperament, & health.

Blue~~Stoneledge Out Of The Blue, the handsome sire of our Cheers litter; is a son of our Dylan: Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee & our Luna.
A few Stonelege Faces Of Today!!
Indigo, Blue, & Gucci
Summer Fun
A fun day at the pool!!
Puppy Charley from Whitney & Blue
Charley, from our 1st Whitney & Blue litter. Could he be any cuter???
Here is a lovely Blue sired puppy from his 1st litter!!

Our very handsome & robust Mr Black has gone off to his new home; where he is enjoying the other Goldens & playing in the snow & receiving lots of attention!!!

Mr Black from from our new Whitney & Blue litter.
The Nursery
Luna & Gucci pups
Cheers caring for her Blue puppies
😘 😘 😘 😘 😘 😀 😀 😀
On Feb 3rd, Cheers & Blue became the proud parents of 8 healthy puppies(5 females & 3 males). Mom & babies are all doing extremely well.

Here is the link to the pedigree of the litter:

Puppies are all reserved & will be ready to go to families the last weekend in March 2014.
Cheers being a great mom to her previous litter of Blue sired puppies.
Multi Ch Evidog Gucci (Slovakian Import)


We are so grateful to have Gucci as a member of our family & stud team. He is all anyone could ask for in a Golden.


Puppies arrived Nov. 6th by Whitney & Blue
The lovely couple of Whitney (Danish Import) & our home bred boy Blue: Stoneledge Out Of The Blue had a lovely litter on Nov 6th. Puppies are European lines, & cream in colour &  have fabulous temperaments like their Dam & sire. Puppies are doing great in their homes & we plan to repeat this breeding the next time Whitney is bred.
Whitney & Blue's 1st litter together.
Where It All Began!!
An act ion packed day at the pool with Raleigh , Bentley, Spencer, & Carly!!!
Presley in the ribbons

Our Bentley & Morgon son Presley, was back in the ring again at 3 months shy of 8 years of age. Our boy Presley, Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge,CCA is our very1st champion from Stoneledge & tried out the AKC show ring in Open Dog competing against dogs less then half his age & finished in the ribbons al all 4 days of the Cape Cod Cluster. He truly exemplifies what a correct Golden should be, in conformation, temperament, health. We are also very pleased with his production at stud for us & other breeders.We have 2 of his daughters Luna & Cheers here at Stoneledge, who are active members of our breeding program. He has produced multiple Canadian Champions bred by us & other breeders. A number of his offspring are certified as therapy dogs(TDI).  Pls visit his own page to learn more about this truly special boy.We are quite excited for the arrival of his litter with our Indigo, which identifies our fabulous boy Bentley as the top genetic dog of influence.

Presley on the move at 7 yrs & 9 months old at The cape Cod Cluster mid Sept 2013.
Multi Ch Evidog Gucci Slovakian Import

Brains, Beauty, Charm, Championships and a pleasure to live with, all wrapped up into one fabulous boy, our Gucci!!!!! Here is the pedigree for Multi Ch Evidog Gucci.
Gucci has been mated to Luna.
Contact Louise @
or call me @ 508-994-7948 to find out more about these special puppies.
Please visit Gucci's own page entitled Ch Evidog Gucci to learn more about this accomplished & endearing boy.

Gucci on tour doing the show circuit in the Ukraine & Moldova Sikova prior to moving to the US with our family. He holds championship titles in both countries.
Bentley & Presley earn CCA certificates!!
Feather & son, Bentley & Presley earn their CCA Certifications.
The Stoneledge Gang~~About us
  Specializing in the breeding of  Golden Retrievers of European decent. We are located in S. Dartmouth, MA overlooking Buzzards Bay. We have been involved with Goldens as family members for 35 years & have had the good fortune to become  hobbiest breeders during the past 13 years.
Our Goldens are all a very special part of our family& all litters are raised in our home.
We are members in good standing of The Golden Retriever Club Of America (GRCA)  The Yankee GR Club (YGRC) & The Yankee GR Rescue(YGRR).
Contact us at:   
or call us at 508-994-7948.

Louise J. Guy
P.O. Box 87093
S. Dartmouth, MA 02748
We do hip, heart, eye, & elbow clearances on all of our Goldens & breed for exemplary temperaments & longevity & correct conformation. We are also doing Optigen testing to significantly decrease the probability of breeding pairs that will produce litters with any active cases of Ichthyosis, & PRA, the genetic issues that are most prevalent in Golden Retrievers & can be tested for. We do not keep more then 4 active brood bitches(females) in our breeding program here at Stoneledge at any given time.
Thanks for visiting our site. Please feel free to read & please sign our Guestbook !!!
We will not ship our puppies. We will assist you in making arrangements to fly to Providence or Boston & bring your puppy  in the airway cabin in a sherpa bag. However, once a puppy is older then 8 weeks, he / she will no longer fit in the sherpa bag , so we can not offer this service. We require a family member to come do the pick up of puppy; unless we have previously met you. It is very important to us that we meet you & you meet us!!!!! We will assist by bringing puppy to you at the airport; if arranged in advance.
Because of our committment to the breed & the complexities of breeding, it is our strict policy to sell all our puppies on AKC Limited Registration Status only unless we are dealing with breeders already known to us !!
A Day At The Pool with Spencer, Raleigh, Ben & Carly: the original 4 members of our pack.
Ella: 6 & a 1/2 mo. old female from Dylan & Desiree
A pedigree 15 years in the making.
Desiree goes back to the following Goldens who we have loved & had the joy of living with us. Raleigh, Bentley, Spencer, Presley & Val.
 When we bred to our handsome boy Dylan to Desiree we had a lovely litter on 11-4-2012, of which Ella was Ms Pink.
Lovely homebred Stoneledge female.
Dylan & Desiree's daughter Ella

At 6 and a half months old, we are very much taken with this lovely female Ella,out of our original Stoneledge lines on her dam's side bred to our very handsome Dylan.
We have bred Desiree (Ella's dam) to Dylan's son;BLUE bred by us.
Pregnancy confirmed & litter due March 15th,2014.

A 6 and a 1/2 month stunning Dylan & Desiree daughter. Her Dam is a Val & Presley daughter from our Hearts litter.
Whitney & Blue pups

Whitney caring for her newborn puppies by our Blue.
Multi Ch Evidog Gucci (Slovakian Imp)

Our fabulous boy Gucci, Multi Ch Evidog Gucci, Slovakian Import playing with a toy.
Cheer & Dylans born May 11th
🤩 Cheers with her day old puppies at the milkbar.
 Dylan has been producing some outstanding litters with Presley daughters; & this one is looking to be just as nice.
Cheers with her Dylan babies lined up at the milk bar.
Luna to be bred Dec 2014!!!!
Luna is a stud puppy from our boy Presley. She came to us at the age of 7 weeks.She has an amazing pedigree including 3 outstanding sires & 5 Champions in her  gr-grandparents. She is as sweet as she is pretty, & has very correct conformation. Below is the link to her impressive pedigree.

Lovely Luna with her 1st litter at Stoneledge sired by our Dylan. Our Blue is one of these pups.
Dylan visits his puppies
Dylan especially likes puppies and playing with them when they get a little older. He is the sire of our Blue; and has been producing beautiful, consistent litters for us & other breeders.
Dylan loves his puppies
Cheers~~Stoneledge Bring On The Xmas Cheers

CHEERS UPDATE ~~ OCT. 2013 Our homebred Presley Daughter CHEERS
Stoneledge Bring On the XMAS Cheers preparing for AKC show circuit.   We are working with her to get in her competitive condition & ring ready

Cheers just waiting to grow coat & re enter the show ring.
Handsome Dylan:Azure Stoneledge Let It be Mee
Our boy Dylan, is the grandson of 2 very respected  top CH European Goldens who are known worldwide.
Ch Shardanell Cast A Spell :Harry of the UK
& CH Xanthos Fletcher Christian , now of Austalia, but born in the UK.
We are very fortunate to have these fabulous lines in our Stoneledge breeding program through Dylan!!

Dylan & Louise
Bentley : Outstanding Sire (GRCA), CCA, CGC
Bentley is the grandfather of both Luna & Cheers & thus the 2 upcoming litters will be his great grand pups. He is also the sire of our boy Presley, Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA. & the great grandfather of our newest addition Blue "Stoneledge Out Of The Blue". Although he passed peacefully in May 2012 at his home at age 14 and a half, he continues to live on through all our Ben kids, grandkids & great-grandkids, here
and with others.
Bentley will forever live on in my heart!!!😘 
Always happy, always having a zest for life~~ a boy who truly lived his life to the fullest, & brought a smile to everyone he saw!!
Handsome Tucker(Trixie & Spencer son)
Tucker, looking like his 2 grandpas Bentley & Raleigh, represents all our original lines at Stoneledge.
Whitney & Presley puppies are here!!!!!
The 1st litter of our Whitney & our seasoned handsome boy Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA "Presley" have arrived.
Mom & Babies are doing great. All puppies are reserved. New page has been started to showcase our Whitney & Presley Litter. Please visit this page to follow litter picture updates. 

Whitney, our Danish import from kennel Gembaek caring for her 2 week old pups.
Presley Can CH Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge,CCA

Presley earning his title of Canadian Champion with His handler Rebecca McCauley!!!!
Stoneledge Simba Of South Beach
😎 Introducing Simba of South Beach~~co-owned male from our Luna & Gucci litter bred at Stoneledge.

6 month old Simba enjoying life in South Beach,Miami
Introducing Blue: Stoneledge Out Of The Blue

Blue, age 9 & a half months has moved back to his Stoneledge roots & has joined our family; he is homebred from our Luna & Dylan litter. What can I say;he returned to us "out of the blue", as his owner's circumstances had changed. Luna( is a lovely Presley daughter bred to Dylan.  It is exciting to have such a nice young hopeful here with us!!!!

Blue already making friends , is out playing with Indigo.
Dylan at stud

Dylan, who just turned 3 years old himself has been siring impressive litters for ourselves & others. he is stamping his progeny with his distinguished looks & throwing a very sweet & loveable temperament.
All of hid CLEARANCES can be provided upon request!!!!!!!

Dylan~~ Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee
Blue: The next generation

DOB 7-2-12
We have high hopes for this young sweet Luna & Dylan son.

Blue~~back at his Stoneledge home
Blue : our newest family member
Blue at 9 & a 1/2 months old is very inquisitive. He is waiting patiently at a door.
DYLAN: Canadian Import

😎 Dylan,our very handsome stud loving life at his home at Stoneledge Goldens!! He was 3 yrs old in Jan 2013, & has all his breeding clearances; he has already sired SEVEN exceptional litter for us & other breeders.We are very excited about his next planned litter at his home base with our very own Presley daughter,Cheers; also bred here at Stoneledge.

Our very handsome boy Dylan: Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee.
Salty~~~From Dylan & Indigo's very 1st litter
Most puppies are really cute, but what do they look like 11 months later? Here is a real looker from Dylan & Indigo's 1st litter at Stoneledge. Salty has only improved over his 1st year with his family & is developing into a stunning young dog. One of our upcoming  litters here are will be sired by Dylan & the other is with pretty Luna bred to our fabulous Slovakiam Import, Multi Champion Evidog Gucci.
Almost 1 year later; here is a very handsome boy from the very 1st litter sired by our Dylan: Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee
A few 5 week old Dylan sired pups
A few Dylan sired puppies at 5 weeks old!!!(as a representation of type he has been producing)
One of our next 2 planned litters will be sired by Dylan!!He is producing puppies with beautiful broad heads, thick cream coats,heavy bone,dark pigment & sweet temperaments
A female & male pup from a recently sired Dylan litter.
Health matters
Health & longevity
Here at Stoneledge, we only breed Goldens who have all their health clearances They must have passed their hip & elbow exams by OFA or OVC if from Canada & must have a heart clearance from a veterinary cardiologist, as well as a yearly eye exam from a veterinary opthamologist stating they are ellible to receive a CERF certificate. In addition, we have begun doing Optigen testing to screen for genetic disorders that are known to exist in  Golden retrievers. We are now able to screen for hereditary issues known to  Goldens such as Ichthyosis, PRA1,& PRCD.This gives us additional information to help us make wise breeding decisions, always striving to improve the future of our Goldens.
Our original 3 boys of Stoneledge Raleigh: Lived to 13 yrs & 10 months Bentley: Lived till 14 & a half Spencer: Stil going strong at 13yrs old.
Indigo caring for a few of the pups from her 1st litter of 9 at Stoneledge.
Pretty Luna
Luna: Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge.
Luna in the ribbons

Luna had several very nice wins in very limited showing as a youngster,both in Canada's Golden Retriever  National Speiallty Show & at The Greater New England Sporting Grp Going Best In Opposite Sex. After her maternity break plans arefor her to return to Canada to pursue her Canadian title. Her sire Presley Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA is a Stoneledge resident & our1st  Canadian Champian!!!
Lovely Luna!!! Daughter of our Can Ch Presley!! Granddaughter of our Bentley!!!
Champ~~ A Happy Boy with his Stoneledge puppy
Champ is from our 1st Dylan sired litter born at Stoneledge 11-16-2011(Dylan & Indigo). He joined his family on Jan 7th & is doing great!!!!
A very sweet & handsome puppy from our 1st Dylan sired litter.Champ is enjoying his new family & it looks like it is quite mutual!!!
Multi Ch Gucci Evidog
Gucci enjoying the snow. Slovakian Import & family member at Stoneledge Goldens.
Welcome Grand CH Evidog Gucci, Slov Imp

😎 Champion Gucci Evidog joined our Stoneledge family & stud dog team in May 2011.We are thrilled to announce the arrival of this very special Golden Retriever who has a disposition to match his conformation.
Gucci is a Ukranian Champion & a Champion Of Moldova & has also earned a working certificate.He has all his health clearances: Excellent Hips: A, Normal Elbows:0, Certificate of clear cardiologic exam & Certificate of clear eye exam.
We are very thankful to his breeder & 1st owner Eva Sikova for entrusting us with her Grand Champion & very much loved boy, Gucci.
Here is Gucci's impressive pedigree:
Since Gucci's arrival to Stoneledge in May, he has been producing superbly for both us & other breeders throughout the country.


Ch Evidog Gucci now 3 years old pictured with his breeder Eva Sikova of Slovakia.
Multi CH Gucci Evidog Slovakian Import
Multi Champion Gucci Evidog, Slovakian Import, available at stud to selected females. Contact Louise @
for more info or phone me @508-994-7948.

Gucci is the proud father of numerous litters on this continent;bred by us & other breeders. His next litter is expected at Stoneledge in early Feb 2013 withour lovely Luna.
Luna & Gucci being bred now!!!!!

🤩 How could we not repeat the pairing that led to this face???? Thus, we have decided to breed pretty Luna to handsome Gucci , once again!!

Simba~~from the1st litter by Luna & Gucci
Proud Home of Multi CH Gucci Evidog
Since Gucci's arrival to Stoneledge in May, he has been producing superbly for both us & other breeders throughout the country.
Gucci's most recent sired litter on FEB 5th, 2012 & was located at his own home in S. Dartmouth, MA
Both parents Crystal & Gucci reside at Stoneledge & litters are raised in our own home!!!

Our stunning import from Slovakia & sire of our soon to be born litter with Crystal ; here is Multi Ch Gucci Evidog.
Crystal & Gucci girls

How cute are we?
Claire~~A lovely female from Crystal & Gucci

  Pretty Claire resides in Deerfield , MA & is now part of the family of McCangus English Golden Retrievers.We are optimistic she will be an assett to their breeding program, as she grows up!!!
CLAIRE is a full sibling to the litter of 11 whelped at Gucci home at Stoneledge Goldens on Feb 5th,2012.

Claire, born July 2011 enjoying a day in the snow.
Gucci front head study
Grand Champion Gucci Evidog Slovakian Import~~ now has his 1st 2 litters here in the USA with Crystal & Holly for Stoneledge Goldens & is counting down the days till the arrival of his next litter with Crystal!!!
Indigo & Dylan Litter arrived 11-16-11

Huge Congratulations to our Indigo & Dylan; who welcomed a lovely litter the morning of 11-16-11.
Indigo did a fabulous job whelping her litter; & the pups all look fantastic. We are really proud of Indigo for the great job she is doing as a 1st time mom.
Be sure to visit Indigo's & Dylan's individual pages to learn more about these 2 wonderful Goldens & their Ch European relatives. Many are pictured on each of their pages!!!
Very 1st photo of proud mom, Indigo with her very very litter. Proud sire is our own boy Dylan!!
Indigo & Dylan Litter
Our beautiful girl Indigo,Beau Geste Stoneledge Luv Me Tender has been bred to our extremely handsome Cream boy Dylan(Canadian Import) Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee.
Two of Dylan's grandfathers are top Goldens world wide, Harry: Ch Shardanell Cast A Spell of the UK & Fletch:Ch Xanthos Fletcher Christian of Australia.
Pls visit the individual pages of Indigo & Dylan to learn more about these special Goldens of European lineage. Dylan's sire is UK Import & Can Ch Trewater Secret Romance. Indigo's sire bred at Stoneledge from some of our original lines is Can Ch Stoneledge Beau Geste Luv Me Tender.Both Indigo & Dylan have all their health clearnces. Litter is expected mid-Nov with puppies ready to go home early Jan 2012. Pregnancy was confirmed by ulta-sound on 10-14!!!
Dylan~~ Our Stunning & sweet boy waiting to find out if he will be the sire of his very 1st litter. Dylan says YES!!!!!!
Mr Orange, now Louie By Gucci & Gemma
Stunning male by Gucci & Gemma @ 7 week breeder eval. Louie now resides in San Francisco, CA
Dylan: Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee
DYLAN is now 3 and a half years old& now has all his breeding clearances & Optigen testing is available at stud to approved females.
He has already sired numerous lovely & good sized litters for us & other breeders.
We have retained his stunning son from our Luna's 1st litter Stoneledge Out Of The Blue. See Blue's own page for further info on him.
Blue has non-carrier CLEAR optigen test results on Ichthyosis, &is clear by parentage on both forms of PRA. He has passed final cardiac & eye clearance & has OFA prelims of GOOD & elbows normal at 12 months of age.

Handsome Dylan!!!



Holly & Gucci puppies are here!!!
😉Holly & Gucci puppies have arrived right on schedule at Stoneledge. Pups are looking great & we are eager to watch them develop.
Here is the very impressive pedigree of Holly & Gucci pups:

Holly being a great mom to her newborn pups.

CH Gucci Evidog
Gucci head study.
Gucci & Holly pups arrived 7-19-2011

We all are so pleased with the quality of 🤩 what this fabulous pair has produced.
The breeder of Holly , who also owns Holly's littermate, Ginger is planning to breed her girl Ginger to Gucci on her next heat cycle.

Prettty Holly, daughter of Bentley & UK Import Brandy(Shardanell Ruby Tulip)/littermate of the well known UK SH CH Shardanell Cast A Spell.

Presley,Louise & Bentley
The top producers at Stoneledge have been Bentley now 13+ years old followed by his Can CH son, Presley.

Val & Presley puppies !!
😘 New pics posted 2-8-2011 On the Val & Pres Time litter page(Check us out !!!!!)
A large litter from the final liason of Val & Presley arrived to Stoneledge on 1-7-2011. See the Val & Presley "Time" Theme Litter for more photos; as they are posted. ALL PUPPIES HAVE WONDERFUL HOMES !!!
FOR other puppies sired by PRESLEY e-mail me @ or phone me @508-994-7948.
Val being a great Mom to her month old pups !!
Presley takes a 5 pt major
Presley, Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge takes his 1st 5 points under well known breeder Judge Marcia Schlehr, handled by our good friend Kathy Doyle Winslow.
Presley next expected litter is by  by Kathy's lovely girl Casey at Lazydaze Farms in Upton. Please contact me for further info about this upcoming litter @508-994-7948 or e-mail me @

Puppies ready to go end of June 2011
Link to photos of Casey of Lazy Daze Farm :
Presley picks up 5 pt major his 1st day showing in Canada.
Val & Pres pups ready for Lunch


Val & Presley pups are HUNGRY!!!
 All our puppies are sold as companion pets on  AKC Limited Registrations unless otherwise noted. Occassionally, we will co-own a puppy on full registration with a known breeder friend; or sell a puppy on a Full Registration to a highly reputable breeder who is already established, who shows his /her Goldens. There are no exceptions to this policy!!!

Pls contact Louise @
508-994-7948 or e-mail me @
for further info.

Raleigh, Bentley (center), & Spencer The 3 Boys who started Stoneledge!!
Can. CH Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge,CCA
 🤩 😘🤩
We are very proud to announce our 3 new Canadian Champions at Stoneledge in 2010; Presley,Stella & Bumper.
We could not be prouder of them.
Our boy Presley, who earned his title in 2 weekends of showing. Thanks to both Rebecca McAuley & Kathy Doyle for both playing a huge role in finishing our boy
A special thanks to the Schulz's of Cedar Goldens for selecting our boy Bentley to breed to their lovely Morgan to get this lovely litter that produced Presley 4+ years ago.
And thank you to the Judges who recognized Presley along the way.
On Sunday 6-13, Presley went Winner's Dog to earn his Can Championship. Pictured are Presley with handler Rebecca McAuley.
NEW CAN CH Stoneledge Bumper's Flying HI

NEWS FLASH ~~Our homebred co--owned boy Bumper finished his Canadian Championship in Style with (2) Back to back 5 point majors & going best Best Of Winners both Sat & Sun.
Bumper is from the very 1st Val & Presley Hi Theme litter & resides with the Winsors. He now has all his health clearances & joins his father,Can Ch ~Presley & his Grandfathers Bentley & Spencer now standing at stud at Stoneledge!!

We are extremely proud of this super handsome boy !!

Rebecca & Bumper finish his Championship on Sunday 12-12-2010!!
What's In Vogue ???
NOV. 2010 (page 97)
TAO is !!!! Along with his owner; extremely well known & respected photographer Bruce Weber. Tao joined another Stoneledge puppy sired by our Bentley named Dream to become part of the very fortunate pack of Weber Goldens.
We are thrilled to have Bruce & his wife Nan as part of the extended family of Stoneledge.
A very happy puppy Tao along with his owner. (photo featured in Nov 2010 Vogue Magazine)
BENTLEY & Louise
Bentley is one of the coolest Goldens I have ever met.
At age 12 & a half; he traveled well to the National Specialty in Toronto; & participated in 10 to 12 yr old Veteran classes, Veteran sweeps, a Veteran parade, stud dog classes with his 2 champion get, & watched his son Presley & Gr-daughter Stella compete in the Chamionship classes, & brought home several ribbons.
5 of the 6 dogs we had competing from Stoneledge were Bentley ; his son Presley & 3 of his Grandkids, Stella, Indigo, & Luna.
Bentley is without a doubt the entire backbone of our breeding program at Stoneledge. He also had other kids & grandkids competing at this National Specialty who did very well for other breeders.
He is a pleasure to live with & we enjoy his zest for life!!!
Bentley & Louise having a pensive moment after the 3 days of competition is complete at the GRCC National in Toronto.
Spencer (Sitting up) Louise & Bentley
The boys brought home many ribbons and participated in multiple events & classes during the 3 days of showing in Canada. They looked handsome  & behaved liked perfect gentlemen, & certainly were great representatives of the type & temperament of Goldens we strive to breed at Stoneledge.
Bentley & Spencer you certainly made me proud!!!
Spencer, & Bentley after 3 packed days of competition in Toronto at the GRCC National 50th anniversary show weekend.

Val & Presley puppies from the Hearts Litter

Val & Presley have been bred & their final litterarrived the 1st week in jan 2011.
Here is their combined pedigrees:
Pls visit their 4 previous V&P litters to see the magnificent puppies & now adults, they have produced together.
You will have no question as to why Val is only bred to handsome Presley!!! All puppies are sold on AKC Limited Registrations only. We take breeding very seriously.



Ms Yellow (left) ,Gracie & Ms Red) now Annie of Tanglewood Goldens; 2 of the lovely females from the 2009 Val & Presley Heart Litter.
Presley is now a Canadian Champion
HOT NEWS from Canada :::
Presley is now Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneldge
 In two weekends of showing Presley has earned his Can Championship.
On 6-11, 6-12, 6-13; Presley went Winner's Dog handled by Rebecca McAuley & completed his Canadian Championship!!!!
Presley:Cedar's Blue Xmas
At Stoneledge,CCA son of our boy Bentley goes Winner's Dog
for a 5 point major on 5-22-2010 at The Quebec Regional Golden Retriever Specialty Show. He was superbly handled by our good friend Kathy Doyle Winslow. We would like to thank Judge Marcia Schlehr for recognizing our boy in this line up of top quality Goldens.This was our Presley's 1st day showing in Canada. This is what Judge Marcia Schlehr had to say about our boy in her critique; following her selection of him as #1 OpenDog & Winner's Dog.

1.  #623.  Mid-sized mature (4 years) male, nicely balanced, attractive head, good body qualities, proper angulation.  Thick coat of good texture, goldencolor.  Not over-groomed, he retained a full  natural ruff and correct furnishings.
Presley being examined by highly respected Judge Marcia Schlehr at the Quebec GR Specialty.
The Gembaeck pair~~Danish Imports
😎 😘Gembaek's With Love From Denmark ~~William &
Gembaek's The World Is Not Enough~~Whitney
Our lovely littermates from Gembaeck Goldens, born on 7-13-2010.
Here is their very impressive pedigee:
Visit their own page to learn more about these 2 lovely youngsters.

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to add puppies bred by the same highly reputable breeder who bred our lovely Danish Import Carly's dam "Malle" Gembaeck's Mad about Music entrust us with 2 puppies of her own.🙂

William & Whitney waiting for their departure call at the airport in Coppenhaegen.
Can Ch Stoneledge Wishing On A Star "Stella"
Our  homebred girl Stella, Stoneledge Wishing On A Star, went Best Of Winners on 6-3 & 6-4 to pick up 3 points each day toward her Canadian Championship.
Stella is exclusively handled by Rebecca McAuley during her stay in Canada.Stella gained her can Championship with a 4 pt win on June 25th, & then finished the weekend off as a Special earning a Group 4th placement.
She remained up in Canada to compete  in The GRCC National Specialty, where she did make the cut in a large class of champions & returned home with her Stoneledge family members. We are extremely proud of this young champion.
Stella enjoyis the accepting of her ribbon that gained her the title of Canadian Champion.
Cara & Spencer "Game Theme" Litter

😀 😀 😀 😀 😘 😘 😘
Cara & Spencer are the proud parents of these 7 lovely puppies born on Nov 22,2009

Pls visit the Cara & Spencer pups page to learn more about this spectacular litter & to see more photos of the pups & parents.

Both Cara & Spencer have  truly Golden temperaments & love to be with their human family members. Both are highly intelligent as well as charming & lovely looking representatives of the English Golden Retriever.To see their 1st November Game Theme Litter click on the link below:

Mr Green & Mr Purple have left the whelping box & begun to play. This is the same Mr. Purple , as Duncan pictured above.
Cara & Spencer's boy Duncan @ 7 months old
😎 Here we have Mr. Purple, now known as Duncan from Cara & Spencer 's 1st Game Theme litter together. He lives outside of Boston & needless to say , we were quite pleased when we received these photos & saw just how handsome & sweet, is is turning out. As we always say, all puppies are cute, but look at them as they grow up, to see what your dog will actually look like & be like.
This is another reason, we prefer to do repeat breedings here at Stoneledge; it brings much more predictability to our end result in look, health, & temperament. Like the old saying goes,
"If it's not broken,then don't fix it".
Prior to repeating a breeding, we do follow a litter closely & try to gather as much feedback(including photos) from owners, as possible.
Pls visit Cara & Spencer pups page & their individual pages to learn more about this breeding pair. We also have Cara's sire Bentley (age 12 & a half) here; & Spencer's sire Raleigh with us @ age 13 & a half . They are our two eldest gentlemen at Stoneledge. Thus we know the lines very well behind this litter.
Now accepting reservations on Cara & Spencer's Litter due 6-30-2010. Pls contact Louise @ or call me @ 508-994-7948.
A very handsome boy, Duncan, posing for the camera. at 7 months of age.


UK Imp Can Ch Haydene Commador OS
One of our favorite Goldens , UK Import Can CH Haydene Commador is the top genetic contributor of our Cara & Spencer litter:
We are very fortunate to have this very special boy who has contributed so greatly to the breed as an influencial part of our own program here at Stoneledge.
Fred Jr. the top dog of genetic influence in our Cara & Spencer litter due Nov 23rd ,2009.
Handsome Cody of Maryland
A very handsome male from V& P's 1st litter.
Dash & Lily: Preview of coming attractions
😎 😘
Dash (Carly & Presley) & Lily (B.C. & Spencer)  are lovely examples of Stoneledge puppies growing up into handsome youngsters. 3 out of 4 of their parents are dam & sires of the Stoneledge summer 2010 litters.
They are both great examlples of true Goldens in looks & demeanor.
Dash (foreground) Carly & Presley & Lily (background) B.C. & Spencer. Both under 15 months old. Photo courtesy of Hank Woodward.
Welcome "Dylan" Canadian Import
We are very excited to announce our newest addition to our Stoneldge Family:
"Dylan" : Azure Stoneledge Let It Be Mee
This 6 month old charming & handsome boy returned home from Toronto with us.  He is sired by the lovely UK import Trewater Secret Romance. Here is the link to view the Dylan's impressive pedigree packed with UK Champions:
Welcome home Dylan !!!!

Handsome Dylan exploring his new diggs at Stoneledge.
Handsome Bentley~~ Grandpa of both litters

Litter #1 TRIXIE & Harry😘😉 We are quite excited about this very European type to type breeding of our lovely Trixie (daughter of out Danish Import Carly) to the very handsome boy, Harry  (Scottish Import & Canadian Champion).
Breeding took place 1st weekend in Oct. with puppies due the very beginning of Dec. This is expected to be a very English & typey litter. Both Trixie & Harry have amazing dispositions!!
Here is the very impressive litter pedigree:

 Litter #2 VAL & PRESLEY😎 Why change what has worked so well 4 times already ??
Thus, we will continue to breed Val to good old faithful Presley. We continue to receive great feedback from the families of all 4 of their previous litters !!!
Here is the litter pedigree:

CALL Louise for  info@ 508-994-7948 or e-mail me @

Handsome BEN, DOB: 12/02/1997 is the grand sire of our 2 most recent litters. Also highest genetic contributor to our Val & Presley litter !!!



Presley at stud
😎 "Presley" Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA posing with his son Cooper from his very 1st stud service with our Val. He has come along way & produced some outstanding get In the past 2+ years. He reamains as gentle & sweet as ever. We now have one of his lovely daughters, "Luna" Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge.We also co-own handsome Bumper from this same Val & Presley combination. Bumper now has all his clearances & is a nice example of the healthy Goldens we are producing at Stoneledge.
Pls visit his page: Bumper to see how nicely  a grown male from this combination has developed.

Presley & his son Cooper.
Presley: Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA

😎 Our stunning 8 year old boy, Presley, CAN CH Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA is the sire of our current litter at Stoneledge with Indigo & the sire of our Cheers & Luna.  He continues to stamp his progeny with his lovely headpiece, correct structure, wonderful temperament, & great health.
We are thrilled with the multiple litters he has sired at Stoneledge as well as the many litter he has produced elsewhere with a variety of females.
Please visit his individual page to learn more about this very special boy :

Presley being stacked summer 2009.
Can CH 2yr. old Val & Presley son "BUMPER"
All puppies are cute; so it is important to see how they grow up. Here is the very handsome, Bumper; a fine example of what one may expect from a Val & Presley puppy when he matures. Not only is Bumper handsome, he now has all his health clearances, so we are able to see that Val & Presley are producing sound & healthy puppies.
Bumper, our home bred boy ,who we co-own with the Winsors, has just earned his Can Championship !!
Presley's lovely daughter "Luna"
Our Presley daughter, Luna, Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge is a very welcome addition to our Stoneledge family. We knew she was a keeper from the day we met her.
Her pedigree combines some of the finest Goldens from Sweden, France, & The US. One of her great-grandfather's went Best of Breed at Westminster Kennel Club in 2004, another went Best Of Breed  at the Canadian Golden Retriever Club National Specialty Show in 2007. Her pedigree is packed with Champions & outstanding sires. We have very high hopes for this lovely young lady.
Here is her extremely impressive pedigree:

Luna, Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge, who resides with our Stoneledge family.
"Luna"Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge
Luna,is a fine example of the type of puppy Presley has been consistently producing.
Luna, our Presley daughter & newest family member sends out Holiday Cheer!!!
Bentley celebrates his 12th in style !!!
😎 😎
We had a double birthday celebration the beginning of Dec for Bentley's 12th & his son Presley's 4th. All of the Stoneledge Gang young & old joined the gala event & had a ball!!
Party hats & Xmas scarves were worn by all.
We love you Ben !!!!
Ben is presented with his cake as he prepares to take the 1st lick !!!
Cara & Spencer pups from their last litter
Mr Purple & Ms Sparkle from our Cara & Spencer Game Theme litter were 6 weeks old on 1-3-2010 !!
Presley finds himself under the mistletoe!!
Sweet Presley gives Louise A Holiday kiss. One could not ask for a gentler boy & Presley passes on his lovely disposition to his offspring, making him so popular at stud.
HAPPY 12TH Bentley !!!
Our wonderful boy Bentley is 12 years old today !!!
(Dec 2nd,2009)
He has been with us since he was 7+ weeks old & we could not have asked for a more superb boy.
He has beauty, brains & charisma & is at the entire backbone of our lines at Stoneledge.
He is the sire of Presley, Trixie & Cara & the grandfather of Val ,Stella, Indigo, & our new Presley daughter to arrive here this weekend (Synergold Blue Moon At Stoneledge).
Ben celebrated his birthday in the Stoneledge tradition with cake & his family.😎🙃🙃
 WE LOVE YOU BEN !!!                                      😘😘😘😘

Bentley celebrates his 12th birthday Dec. 2nd, 2009.
Happy Holidays from The Stoneldge Gang
Cara,the dam of next litter pictured with pups' grandfather , Raleigh, our 1st Golden @ Stoneledge, wish everyone a wonderful Holiday Season & A Great 2010!!!!
Cara with her Spencer boys

Pretty Cara taking great care of her 4 boys.
The 3 females from BC & Spencer #9 Theme Litter
 Both Buttercup & Spencer litters are doing very well in their homes with great loving families.   Great pedigree; repeat breeding from Buttercup & Spencer:
Visit the #9 BC & Spencer page to see this litter growing up at Stoneledge.

Despite the lovely quality puppies this breeding pair of BC & Spencer produced together; we wanted to try something a bit different for Buttercup's last litter at Stoneledge & thus opted to breed her to our handsome 4 & a half year old boy "Presley", Can Ch Cedar's Blue Xmas At Stoneledge, CCA .
Maximus: A lovely BC puppy over a year old
Here is what you can expect a puppy from the BC & Spencer combination to look like a year now. Here is the stunning Maximus at over a year  old posing for his photo.
He was puppy Mr Purple from the Flower ~~Tree Litter of BC & Spencer born at Stoneledge on 4-6-2009.
We thank the Plowrights for taking such good care of him & and his half sister Mirabelle.This litter we switched things up to see what Buttercup would produce with our 4 year old Presley before presley went off to Canada to hiit the show ring!!!
Introducing the very handsome Maximus from the 1st breeding of BC & Spencer!!!
BC & Spencer's #9 Litter prior to their Xmas departure
The "Nine" Litter of Spencer & Buttercup 1 week prior to pick up date by their new families.
Cara & Spencer's Babies are here & more are coming !!!!!!
😎 😎 😎 😎 😘 😘 😘
The anticipated arrival of the very special Cara & Spencer litter occurred at Stoneledege on Nov 22nd. They are the proud parents of 4 males & 3 females.
Cara caring for her newborn pups who arrived a on 11-22-2009. 4 males & 3 females & Mom are all doing well.


Spencer in the ribbons: GRCA National Specialty
The National Specialty was quite an experience for the Stoneledge boys & are we are extremely proud of our boy Spencer, who placed 4th in a very large & competative class of 8 to 10 year old Veteran Dogs in his very 1st  AKC sponsored dog show, and returned home in the ribbons. It was fantastic being out amongst the top breeders & Golden enthusiasts from all over this country & beyond.
A special thank you to Greg McCarthy for superbly presenting Spencer & Bentley at The National Specialty.
Please take a moment to visit Spencer's page:

Link to full specialty conformation results:
Spencer placing 4th in his 8 to10 Class at The 2008 GRCA National Specailty.
XMAS Puppies by BC & Spencer !!!!!
😘 😘 😘 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩
BUTTERCUP & SPENCER'S babies have arrived in Oct 2009!!!
~~~NEW PHOTOS OF the BC & Spencer pups growing up added on Dec 12th; so you can see how nicely they are turning out!!
We repeated the breeding of Spencer & Buttercup due to the fabulous feedback we have been receiving on the 5 males & 5 females from their 1st litter together. Our own handsome boy Brew is a product of this pairing.
Puppies  arrived Oct. 27th & will be ready to join their new families the weekend before XMAS..
How's that for timing???
Pls visit the BC & Spencer pups page to see their 1st lovely litter together: of Reservations full  on both these  litters !!! Pls contact Louise @ 😎 for info on our planned liasons for Spring /Summer 2010.
Buttercup caring for her 12 day old puppies; the final one arrived at 6AM on 10-27-09.
The Flower ~~Tree Litter Of BC & Spencer
Here is what the combined pedigree looks like for our new litter of BC & Spencer:
Here is the 1st litter out of BC & Spencer @ 7 weeks old.
Litter parents: BC & Spencer

Stunning Litter parents pictured below.
Buttercup & Spencer, Proud parents of our 9  babies at Stoneledge.
Here is the combined pedigree for the BC & Spencer litter:
Buttercup & Spencer : Dam & Sire of our litter ready to go home the week prior to XMAS.
A lovely male pup from Cara & Spencer's Game Litter

Cara will be 3 years old  on June 29th; maybe she will have her litter on her own 3rd birthday !! We are quite excited about the lovely Cara's arrival to us at Stoneledge for her very 1st litter & are thrilled to have here here with us a permanent family member. She is just as sweet  & charming as she is pretty, & once she arrived I could not imagine her anywhere else.

Here is her impressive pedigree:
Cara did beautifully with her 1st litter & is just  preparing for her 2nd litter.
Just starting to accept reservations on Cara & Spencer's 2nd litter at Stoneledge.
Here is the combined pedigree on this litter: (including some very impressive dogs from the UK)
Here is an example of the stunning puppies she & Spencer produced.
After this litter, our hope is to give stunning Cara a maternity break & send her to Canada to pursue her Canadian Championship.
How cute is this boy?? Mr Turquoise , now Buster, from Cara & Spencer's 1st litter together.


Brew, one of our newest addition to our family is very happy & learning fast.
Carly & Presley puppies
On Aug 23rd. we welcomed a large litter by Carly & Presley. The litter is cream in color & both parents have wonderful Golden temperaments. We have 2 of Carly's daughter's (Trixie & Coco)  & her grandaughter (Stella), as well as  & Presley's dad,(Bentley) residing with us at Stoneledge.
We have started a new page for the Carly & Presley litter:

Here we have Mr Lt Blue (Left) & Mr Black (Rt); quite an armful at not quite 7 weeks old !!! They are now Dash & Bear. They are 2 typical presley male puppies.
Buttercup & Spencer litter portraits
Here we have a beautiful collage of all 10 puppies & our litter parents lovely Buttercup & Handsome Spencer.
We thanks Paul Church, for taking the time to put this together for us.
A lovely collage of our Spencer & Buttercup Litter @ 7 weeks old. (Photo courtesy of Paul Church).
Indigo : Beau Geste Stoneledge 7th Chakra
  We could see potential in the lovely puppy at 7 weeks old & she is developing into a real beauty. Lok at photo above to see her show debut in Canada GR Specialty as she took two Class #1 placements.

We welcome Indigo to Stoneledge. She is a grandaughter to our own Carly & Bentley & was bred by our friend Jan Bramhall.
Indigo wins her class her 1st time out
Congratulations to our girl "Indy" Beau Geste Stoneledge 7th Chakra who took two 1st place ribbons her 1st weekend out in the show ring. Indy was also handled by Kathy Doyle & recognized by Judge Marcia Schlehr.
Way to Go Indy !!!
Indigo wins her 9to 12 puppy class twice at her 1st 2 shows in Canada 5-22-2010.

Brew & Louise

Louise & Mr Light Blue, now Brew, already had their hearts set on him remaining here, early on. We had formed a stong bond with one another, which is continuing to grow stronger.

Our newest addition to the our Stoneledge family, "Brew" Stoneledge This Bud's Fur U.
Mirabelle & Maximus
Mirabelle is all girl & Maximus is a stocky boy who;'s earned the nickname"little tank".They are half siblings through our handsome Spencer & are having a ball with one another in their Newport estate. We were having trouble deciding who to keep here bet Brew & Maximus, so the Plowright's were kind enough to allow us to co-own Maximus & add him to our potential stud dogs if he pans out.
We visited them at their home last week with Spencer & Brew & were quite pleased with how he was looking. The 2 half siblings are a month and a half apart in age and are constant companions for one another.
We are enjoying watching them grow up together.
Mirabelle (rear) & Maximus(front) from our Trixie & Spencer litter & our B.C. & Spencer litter(respectively)
The 5 boys are 5 weeks old!!!
5 handsome boys from Buttercup and Spencer's litter of 10 are 5 weeks old at our open house.


Val & Presley's pretty Ms Pink
Desiree resting her last night at Stoneledge, all bathed & spiffy to head to her new family. She is proudly owned by William C Truesdale DVM
4 boys from Cara & Spencer's Nov 2009 Litter
4 handsome male puppies: now Little Spencer, Duncan, Buster, & Oliver
The Stoneledge Family

Louise & Warren with 5 of our Stoneledge Golden models at The Cushing Residence in Newport. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Weber)
Littleriver Spencer For Hire
Like a fine wine, our boy Spencer just keeps getting better as he matures. No one can believe that he turned 9 years old in Sept 09. We are so proud of his accomplishments in the past year!!! He is sired by our eldest family member, Trowsnest Wild Card Raleigh,  12 & a half yrs old.
Spencer has sired many lovely litters at Stoneledge with Bentley daughters!!
Spencer at 8 years & 8 months old just keeps geeting more handsome. (photo courtesy of Paul Church)
Bentley places 4th in his Veteran Class
Bentley's still got it at 2 months shy of 11 years old placing 4th in the Veteran 10 to 12 Class at  The GRCA 2008 National Specialty Show. We are very proud of our boy, who has sired close to 30 litters & is still producing quite nicely.
Bentley in the ribbons!!! Our boy , Bentley placing 4th at The Golden Retriever National Specialty Club 2008 (10 to 12) Veteran Class
Val & Presley's pups have gone to their new homes!!
😘 😎 
 VAL & Presley's puppies joined their new families last SAT. ; the last 2 females left during this week. Now, we will wait for their new families to send us photos of these lovely puppies.
Val caring for her newborn babies on Sun evening 2-15-09. She had an even number of males & females.
Trixie & Spencer's 1st litter together
Trixie & Spencer's puppies arrived on  on Feb 23rd, 2009. 
Please visit the new page for the T&S PupsFeb 09:
Again we have a nice even split of males & females.
How cute are we??? Here are the 10 lovely puppies that Trixie & Spencer produced the 1st time.
Presley,Bentley & Spencer
😎 😎 😎
The Studs of Stoneledge :
 These handsome boys are available at stud to approved females.
Please visit their individual pages for more information on each boy.
The boys have produced lovely litters with both European & American Goldens & blends.
Fresh chilled & Frozen semen also available on Presley, Spencer, & Bentley.
Please contact Louise @  for our stud contract or call us at 508-994-7948.
Visit their individual pages for more info on our boys & their litters sired elsewhere.
Presley, Bentley & Spencer (Left to rt)
Happy 3rd Birthday Presley !!!
Presley celebrated his 3rd birthday with his Stoneledge family & friends. Following an outing to Petco where he had his surprise birthday photo taken we returned home for the traditional birthday cake & party.
We could not be happier with this handsome & gentle soul & thank the Schulz's of Cedar Goldens for choosing our boy Bentley to breed with their beautiful Morgan which resulted in this litter of Presley & his siblings.
Our handsome Presley loves the camera & had his photo taken with Santa on his birthday.
Val & Presley's 2nd litter together
Val & Presley have produced consistent uniform puppies together. Therefore, we have bred them with one another for a 3rd time. Litter due weekend of Feb 14th, 2009; puppies expected to be ready to go to their new families by mid April 2009. Both sire & dam & 2 grandparents reside at Stoneledge & are wonderful representatives of what a Golden Retriever should be.This is a line breeding on our wonderful 11 year old boy Bentley, who is at the backbone of our breeding program here at Stoneledge & has sired over 30 litters to date. Please visit his individual page to learn more about this versatile boy, who we think has it all.

The 9 puppies from the Val & Presley "Ryde" Litter. Look at us!!!
Raleigh: Trowsnest Wild Card Raleigh
Raleigh was my 1st Golden of my own; & began me on the road to becoming a hobbiest/breeder. He also was my initial introduction to a Golden out of 100% European lines. Through Raleigh, I became acquainted with several breeders who were extremely knowledgeable about his lines, who have become close friends. & have graciouly shared their knowledge.
Please visit Raleigh's page to learn more about this special friend.
Sadly, we said farewell to Raleigh on Nov 18th, 2010;
2 months shy of his 14th birthday.
RIP my dear friend. You will always be in my heart.
1-16-1997 to 11-18-2010

Raleigh was our eldest family member & sire of our handsome Spencer & grandfather to our Val & gr-grand-father to our co-owned boy Bumper & our newest puppy "MICK" . He will be 13 in Jan 2010.
Stoneledge Gang
🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩 🤩
The Stoneledge Gang headed off to their 1st photo shoot on SAT Oct 4th.
for Little Bear Inc., NY, NY. Productions which was done on location at the lovely Cushing Residence on Ocean Ave in Newport. We were very flattered to be called upon by the extremely well known & highly respected photographer, Bruce Weber who was doing this photo shoot for Abercrombie & Fitch & requested 6 of our Goldens be present as models. This week was our boy Presley's turn to shine. We are also proud of Bentley, Spencer, & our girls Trixie, Coco, & puppy Stella, who also did very well.
Here is the spectacular set of the photo shoot:
Look for our Golden Gang when the Spring 09 Abercrombie & Fitch Catalogue comes out!!!!!
***See Hot News Page for the full newspaper story of The Stoneledge Gang's modeling debut***
Louise with 6 of her Goldens who were used for the Abercrombe & Fitch shoot. Left to rt: Trixie, Coco, Stella (puppy), Presley, Spencer, & Bentley (front)
Trixie:Now retired

Our very own homebred Trixie, "Stoneledge Cast A Spell"(daughter of our Danish Import Carly) "Sea Pimpernel United Color Of Music" & our wonderful & versatile Bentley"Trownest Bentley's EZ Ryde". She is as sweet as she is pretty & has been a fantastic mom to her two litters here at Stoneledge. She is the dam to our upcoming hopeful Stella.
Here is Trixie's impressive pedigree:
Trixie is now retired & has joined a wonderful family outside of Boston where she is queen of the household.

Trixie peering over the counter. She is a beautiful representative of an English Golden Retriever in looks, health & temperament.
Spencer & Raleigh (son & his Dad)
Spencer takes a leap into our pool as Bentley waits for his turn. (Photo courtesy of Bruce Weber)
Tucker & Beau
Big Beau is out of the Carly & Harry #Five  & Tucker is out of the Trixie & Spencer's Home Litter . Both Boys were born in 2007; & are wonderful examples of the type of Golden we strive to produce at Stoneledge.
Beau & Tucker enjoying their family's new home.
Cara~~Pretty Ben daughter
😉~~Cara , looking lovely only several weeks after whelping her very 1st litter. Didn't take her long to get her figure back.~~
Pretty Cara self stacking.
Loveley female from Cara & Spencer
Pick female from Cara & Spencer's Game Theme litter.
Tucker heading for a swim
Tucker loves to swim; and is ready to take a plunge in his pool. He is from the Trixie & Spencer litter & was Mr. Blue.


Stella is preparing for her 1st weekend of show entries in the puppy classes.
😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎 😎
All 18 of us now hanging out together!!!
~~And we're having a blast~~
Check out our own pages:
V&P Ryde pups 2008 &
Trixie & Mulder pups.

We think we smell breakfast !!!
At 3 months old Topper was in town, & arranged to come by with his family for a playdate with littermate,Stella. Wow, did they have a blast !!!🤩🤩
Topper wrestling with his littermate Stella, as their mom Trixie keeps a careful watch.
Cooper from Val & Presley
Look how much I have grown up over the past year !!!!
Here is Cooper relaxing at his pool in FLA.
He is pictured above with his sire, Presley when he was a 4 week old pup here at Stoneledge.
Cooper just turned a year old & sent us photos from his home in FLA. He was Mr. Brown from our 1st Val & Presley litter @ Stoneledge.
Bumper was Mr. Green as a puppy here at Stoneledge from our Val & Presley litter of 11 born here on Oct 12th, 2007.
Here just turned a year old; we are quite pleased with how he is turning out!!!
Bumper & his owner Mary Ellen visit occassionally at Stoneledge.
We thank them for their ongoing support  & friendship since joining the Stoneledge family.
Bumper & his owner Mary Ellen Winsor have finished Field classes & have taken advanced obedience classes & are have enrolled in handling classes.
Let's not forget the lovely Val & Presley females...
Chloe looking very pretty at 4 months old.
A gang of very cute Trixie & Mulder puppies.
Here is our lovely litter of Trixie & Spencer Puppies from last year.
"We are very hungry & want to eat ."
Dream: Brandy & Bentley son
Captain Dream (Son of our Bentley)navigates his way through some calm waters. Dream is owned & loved by Bruce Weber & Nan Bush. (photo courtesy of Bruce Weber)
Dream prepares for a rainy day in NY (photo courtesy of Bruce Weber)
He was Big Mr. Brown,the largest male in theTrixie & Mulder litter.
Topper enjoying the snow.

😎 😎 Summer was enjoyed by  brothers Beau (Carly & Harry Litter) & Tucker (Trixie & Spencer Litter)as they headed for the beach. 

Here are Cody & Gunnar(they are full brothers) from the 2 Val & Presley litters here at Stoneledge. They now reside in Delaware & are very happy & handsome boys.
Remy, Ms Purple from our Val & Presley "Ryde litter" receives a big welcome by her new family the Winches.
Shally has gone to live in Rosalyn Heights , NY to become a therapy dog, where he will be visiting hospitals, schools, & nursing homes. He has the charm, good looks, & disposition for this future undertaking.
Shally, is another Trixie & Mulder pup; he was Mr. Orange, while here.

Both Honey & Biscuit came from breedings done by Woodriver Goldens using our stud dogs.
Honey is a Bentley daughter from a breeding over a year ago to Dale (a Raleigh daughter). Young Biscuit is the result of our boy Spencer bred to Woodriver Skye Blu( a Bentley daughter). We are pleased that Shirley & Bud now have a little sister for their lovely Honey.

Sisters Honey (front) & Biscuit ~(rear)younger are a lovely pair.